Saturday, August 30, 2014

I cleaned this today. Murphy's Oil. Part of four piece set. We were debating whether or not this was faux bois or real burl. It is real. Telling ya.
Circa is on Park Hill near 8th Ave. Furniture restoration shop. Right across the street from Old Neighborhood Grill on FW's Southside. 817.924.4822

I'm working at Circa on Park Hill these day. Love my job.

This is what we start with.

Atticus, the Wizard King, Circa's woodworker.

This is what the shop is full of. And we get to work on it. :0 If it looks gorgeous then that is because it IS gorgeous.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Oak chair repair&touch-up

Near black stain about 3" from back of chair. I had scrubbed on stain to get it this clean. Stain was "in" the wood.

I ended up "wood-graining" the stain to remove. I recommended to my customer that we NOT strip the piece because it's patina looked wonderful. We just wanted to hide major problems.

Lighter stain in seat.

Post repair of stain.

Chip out of right side.

Chip filled with epoxy and then re-colored and lacquered. Not practicable to close joint.





Touch-up on furniture

Sofa-before repairs.
 My customer has had teen boys in the house. I did several repairs on different pieces. This sofa is representative of the work.

I used colored powders and spray touch-up lacquer to fix the blemishes.
Same section of same sofa post repair. Burn-in sticks not needed. Just color and spray of lacquer (with appropriate masking of leather.

Other section of same sofa--pre-repair

Above section with repair.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Re-glueing/ touch-up of oak tandem folding chair.

This is the tandem folding chair after I had cleaned it with Murphy's Oil Soap and re-installed the slats and re-glued piece together. No attempt to re-finish here thereby leaving patina intact.

Slats from quarter-sawn oak from an old well-worn folding chair. The medullary rays, the lighter sections that break up the grain are terrific here.

Monday, May 19, 2014

burnished plaster ceiling

Cabinets were lily-white and really made the room seem incomplete. Just did a basic dry-brush technique after an off-white basecoat on the cabinets and then a clear dull acrylic over that. The entire space worked together very well after these adjustments.
Talked to builder about finishes for this bath. Seemed that a burnished plaster in a deep blue would work so well with walls&ceilings. I executed a sample.  It did. Chris got a plaster guy to do plaster work.

disposing of burgundy walls


This room includes the kitchen and living/den area with lots of great glass.