Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fort Worth Club--antique mirrors

In November of 2005 I got a call from Gearheart Construction to look at a project at the Ft. Worth Club. There were two mirrors in the Camellia Room that needed repairs and also the walls needed some touch up as well. A local family was going to have a reception there for a wedding and wanted to spruce up the place.
There were a number of pieces broken and missing on the mirrors. The job was to replace those and finish to match the existing work.
Once I had gotten started I realized that I could use some help and called some friends to get the name of a good carver. Dean Cardwell showed up and did his magic. In the second photo you can see the substantial piece in the center that Dean fabricated.

After a lot of gluing, carving, casting, coloring, re-coloring and glazing they were finally done. To the right you can see one of the completed mirrors. Actually both are visible(second one in in reflection of first.) Done in time for wedding. The staff at the Club couldn't have been nicer especially Big Tony. Great experience all around.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Faux polished onyx-bookshelves

The floors had more of a golden ochre color. The walls and trim are all an off-white, probably Ben Moore's Linen White. We went with a terra-cotte glaze for the faux polished stone.
This is a rendering of faux onyx done on
 the back of some bookshelves.

The glazing was topped off with a gloss varnish which does yield the effect of polished stone and the wonderful depth that has.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

contemporary dining room near Eagle Mountain Lake

Got a call a few years ago from an aquaintance who had a dining room she wanted to do some work on. The walls had already been hand-textured and had a coat of satin sheened gray on them. The trim had previously been enameled in a neutral off-white. You can see the furnishings that were already in the room. Very smart and confidently executed design. The dining table and chairs are a wonderfully warm, rich brown. The floors have mid-tones of taupe, tan and gray. Classically elegant treatment of a terrific space.
Nikki has very good taste. Easy to do color for her because she can see "it" before "it" is on the wall. Something with a pewter metallic was the obvious first choice for one of the glaze colors. A few sample boards later and we had a wall finish.  This is a two-tone glaze combining the pewter with a slighter darker gray that is was in the base color. Technique was executed with sea sponges and Neon Leons-nylon stipple brushes. I used Faux Effects materials to mix glazes and a semi-gloss latex varnish. Varnish just takes a finish like this to another level. It is not unlike polishing a nice piece of marble. A clear coat gives the finish depth that really makes it sparkle.
Wall fixtures were added after the work was done and such a great fit.