Friday, July 15, 2011

hand finished oiled and waxed cabinets

This is a photograph of a kitchen I did several years ago near TCU. The remodeler had taken everything down to the studs. John Ball did the new cabinets-amazing work. My customers asked me what stain color would be appropriate considering the deep green color of the granite we had selected and the existing floor which had shades of terra-cotta. I suggested no stain on the pristine alder wood. Oil and wax finishes have been done for hundreds of years. They yield a depth and clarity to the wood that is beyond compare. Incidentally fifteen years hence and many many meals later they are in very good condition. The oil( in this case 4 coats hand-rubbed) actually darkens slightly with age imparting a wonderful patina.
The mottled two color glaze on the walls has sienna/ gold glazes over a beige basecoat with a matte clear topcoat.

 This is the table at the bay window but not just a table. The site of many blessings. Many plates of good food. Encouragements by the bucketful. Jugs full of listening. Baskets full of compassion. All right there.
We couldn't get rid of that table. Kent cut it down some to fit a little better. I stripped the existing finish to bare wood. Again rather than staining it I used pool chlorine and pool acid to distress the top. Both treatments are completely lightfast which was imperative given its proximity to the windows. Two coats of satin poly and voila!
The trim had an off-white basecoat with dirty brown glaze and satin clear topcoat.

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