Friday, December 6, 2013

Refurbished built-in/ oiled sills

After. Color sample at lower left.
Detail of before

Above are the window sills that I coached my customer through. Sills were stripped, sanded and finished with four different coats of oil with overnight dry between coats. Difference was dramatic. Oil has a depth that varnish or lacquer cannot match.

I originally was tasked with refurbishing the baseboards after the new floors were installed. Also this built-in didn't really go with the floor color and had wear and joint compound from earlier mud work on the walls.
I got a scrap of wood and mixed a color that worked well--though not intended to match--the new flooring.

The material is a water borne stain with water borne satin varnish. Pretty much a no-odor finish. Very durable as well. And it was well-received.

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